Winter Event

Dec 5, 2015

Airbnb Portland

We're HackPDX

A nonprofit group dedicated to throwing Portland's largest hackathons and building awesome hacks for PDX.

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Who can go to your hackathons?

Anyone willing to get their hands dirty building something awesome! Hardware, software, art, data analysis, whatever your skill or skill level come on down and bring your best hackathon ideas and drive to get stuff done.


I Want to Host/Sponsor/Promote a Hackathon

Awesome! We're always looking to support new hacks. Send us an email at and we'll get back to you right away!

About Us


Kevin Bastien

Software engineer. Aspiring Designer. Not a blurb maker.


Nick Bergseng

Portland native and software engineer. Occasional hackathon champ. Retired dodgeball player.


Colby Aley

Programmer, sometimes a hacker. Drinks way too much coffee.